For over 50 years, Gardiner’s Bay Country Club has offered golf instruction to young players. Our junior program is unique in that we welcome children of both Members and non-Members. The Junior Golf Program is designed to foster an enjoyment of and appreciation for the game of golf while encouraging social interaction and camaraderie among the children. 
The game of golf instills worthy traits in its participants. Children develop vital life skills such as: Honesty, Integrity, Courtesy and Respect. All of these attributes and many more are covered within the Gardiner's Bay Country Club Junior Golf Program.
Children also learn about all the physical facets of the game of golf: Driving, Iron Play, Bunker Play, Pitching, Chipping and of course, the game within the game…Putting.  In addition, they are given an introduction to the rules and history of the game as well as how to maintain and respect the golf course.
Fun events are planned throughout the summer.  We begin with an Opening Picnic to kick off the season and close with an Awards Ceremony. In between, there is Quiz Night, Bingo, Night Golf, and other fun events to bring the children together. Their skills are assessed with fun contests and prizes are awarded to those who can correctly answer questions about what they have been learning.  Once a Junior Golfer demonstrates higher levels of proficiency on the golf course, they are invited to participate in special Junior tournaments.
Junior Golf at Gardiner’s Bay is an Island tradition. Many Junior Golfers become Members themselves and ultimately have their children come back and participate in our program.