Gardiner’s Bay CC was established in 1896 and is a private, member owned golf club overlooking Gardiner’s Bay and Coecles Harbor on Shelter Island, New York. The course follows the beautiful contours of the natural terrain over 160 pristine acres. If you fall in love with Shelter Island and like golf even a little you cannot help but be enchanted by GBCC.

Golf memberships are available through member sponsorships. 
Classifications of Membership
         Family             Husband, wife, children under 18 years of age
• Four Endorsements
         Couple             Husband and wife or parent and one child
• Four Endorsements
         Single              Singles 18 years of age or older
• Four Endorsements
         Junior              Singles under 18 years of age (except if student exempt)
• Two Endorsements                 May not sponsor golf guests
         House              Restaurant privileges; no golf privileges
• Two Endorsements                 May not sponsor golf guests
         Summer Guest Program is an introduction to golf at GBCC. It is for a single year only and must be sponsored by a member. It is available to a single individual or a married couple.
Membership Chair
Gardiner's Bay Country Club
12 Dinah Rock Road
Shelter Island Heights NY 11965